Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Obsession with Looking Like a Retro Sit-Com Character....

I think I watched too much tv as a kid. I realise it has infiltrated how I look.

First, there was the Mildred..yep. Uncanny!

Next there was the Mrs Slocombe...yep. Long lost cousins.

And now...introducing...THE ENDORA!!!!
Now excuse me while I go and buy some blue eye shadow immediately!!!


  1. I am standing here laughing.....that is the funnest scroll-down I have experienced in a while. Thank goodness you look NOTHING like either Mildred or Mrs don't look all that much like Endora either but the idea of it is fun. You simply must get some blue eyeshadow. That hair colour looks gorgeous on you. Perfect, in fact!!

  2. When we first met your hair was sky blue. I had assumed it was your natural colour. Shows what I know.
    That is a great strong orange you have going there. Like.

    1. I've been looking for a photo of me with blue hair and don't seem to have one. I do have a photo of me with purple hair which was taken at your parent's place Richard! I'm wearing a dress I obviously cut the sleeves from and instead of hemming them just stuck safety pins in it. Hilarious!