Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Learning to stitch

I have been remiss - all this encouraging other children to get crafty with my re-sew-cool sewing kits and I hadn't even bothered to teach my own kids to sew. I know! Bad mother! On the weekend they were imploring me to help them make softies and Sunday turned out to be the perfect rainy afternoon to get crafty in the back room.

Pepper and Wanda drew a picture of the critter they planned to sew. (Yes, for identical twins they have very different drawing styles.)


I helped Joe with his shape. Then we selected felt and got cutting and stitching. Pepper didn't have the patience to wait her turn and so just got started with glue - which is perfectly cool I think. She stitched the outer seams.

Joe showed surprisingly good concentration and managed to sew on a button.

Wanda was very patient and tenacious. She even put a pocket on her softie.

  Wanda has called her creature "Pom Pom", Joe has called his owl "Parsley" and Pepper has called her bunny "Hermione".

Best of all - all of the softies are made entirely from recycled materials. 
* and just a postscript: after we finished I gave Joe a hair cut! He doesn't look like a wannabe Paul Weller mod now!


  1. What a sweet little trio (the softies and your kiddos!)
    Your's is the second post I've read in the last fortnight where a Mum has mentioned Paul Weller's modish locks to describe their sons 'do'. I myself have been busting out my old Jam LP's just lately - listening to them (almost) make housework fun ;)

    1. Man I LOVED The Jam Kylie! Forget the housework! Just listen and dance!They were the first band I really got into and bought all the records and some books and even a guitar book or two. Sad but true! And oh, Paul Weller with his forward hair and curly side bits!!! Oooh! I needed to cut JOe's hair - but now he looks less Paul Weller and a bit cheekier!