Tuesday, August 12, 2014

vintage crochet cape

Finally finished this cape - it's from a vintage pattern which you can get HERE and I made it in vintage 10 ply purple peruvian wool(try saying that ten times quickly!)
As I suspected, it was a bit much with my purple hair.... so I dyed my hair orange.

 Yes - it goes MUCH better with orange...


  1. Holy schmoley that's FANTASTIC!!!! I love a good cape, and this is genius, you clever sausage!!!
    Indeed, it IS rather divoon with orange hair. And I will NOT try that tongue twister unless you buy me a drink.

    1. tequila slammers all round! That would be tooooo much fun! x

  2. Omg Julianne! You are so beautiful!
    Loved you with purple hair, love you with orange hair even more!
    I have a vintage angora tartan cape, but my daughters won't let me wear it out of the house - they reckon I look like picnic blanket ;(

  3. Picnic blanket cape sounds versatile and handy! Just pack the thermos as an accessory and embrace the picnic blanket! Daughters! What would they know?