Monday, August 24, 2015

The week my life became and a Smiths song....

otherwise entitled:
My Disastrous Adventures in Employment-land
Seriously, this is how I looked last week - that EXACT facial expression....

Okay. So you know when you think you want something and you can’t seem to get it and you keep wanting and trying and compromising until what you want is reduced to lowest common denominator and then something vaguely similar is offered to you and you go, "yeah why not? Isn't this what I want?" and you take it and then see what you have and discover it isn't ANYTHING like what you wanted and it’s really bad and maybe you don't even know what you want and you have a nervous breakdown or something like it that involves lonely walks in the dark and an insistent drippiness from your eyes otherwise known as tears and then you have to undo all that you have done or else you feel like you might explode and it's all your fault in the first place and you feel like maybe you're too old to be making these mistakes but you have made your bed now and have to lie in it but you can't so you get out of bed and run away like Goldilocks from the three bears????

Or does that stuff just happen to me?
It's like you really want some brioche and you go looking and looking and there are none to be had and you look for days and days and then days turn into weeks and weeks into months and you're hungrier and hungrier for that brioche and then someone offers you a rock cake and you think, "yeah brioche, rock cake, same dif, thanks I'll take it "  and you take a bite and break a tooth and spit it out because it is nothing like what you craved and then you have an allergic reaction to it and your face blows up like a puffer fish and you remember that you're allergic to all things wheat and yeast including brioche anyway but somehow you'd forgotten?

What I mean is, sometimes in the looking we lose sight of the prize because we get lost in the sense of our own desire. 

So this is what happened to me last week. And I can't put it better than Mr Steven Patrick Morrissey himself because last week my life literally embodied the song "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now"  and I played it like a well -oiled Johnny Marr riff and sang along like a warbling busker. Come on. Join in with me.....

"I was looking for a job, and then I found a job
and heaven knows I'm miserable now

In my life
why do I give valuable time
to people who don't care if I live or die"

So part of me had a mini nervous break down that I’m still like a petulant teenager who expects more from life than a dumbass menial job and part of me had a mini nervous breakdown that I was in my mid forties and still having to do a dumbass menial job like a teenager.*

Do you get me?
It’s never too late to get to know yourself better. So don’t fall into the gap of countering rejection with acceptance of any sort. Keep your eyes on the prize. Don't give in to the lure of the $$$ over your soul.
So now I will move along whistling to another Smiths track...
"please, please, please, let me, get what I want...Lord knows it would be the first time..."

* I know...will I ever grow up???
**Just joking - I'm a blessed little creature with lots to be grateful for.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Parcel Love

Kylie sent me a parcel to warm the cockles of my heart! It arrived when my spirits were at a lowish ebb - winter blues + birthday blues + several job rejections + writing rejection = a dispirited sister outlaw with more than a whiff of a mid-life crisis about her indeed.

But I went from this*.....
to this...
with the arrival of a parcel.

Sure -what a bundle of goodies!
A vintage luscious slip with lace and bows - still new with the tag on it! There were even matching knickers! Oh in the nineties I would have worn it as a dress ala Collette Dinnigan! Still might.

Gorgeous girdle pants with love heart details and even suspenders! For that perfect vintage silhouette .

This warm luminous pure wool mohair Scottish highland cape - Makes me want to wander the hills!
And tennis fabric and tennis dress pattern! I love that smash action that fabric girl has! Inspirational!

But wonderful as all that is - the overwhelming thing was that I felt loved and appreciated and understood.

Thanks so much Kylie for the thoughtfulness, your perfect taste and the effort in posting some love across the Nullabor to your shivering blog-friend in Melbourne. If I could parcel up my heart and tie it with a piece of string and send it off to Perth I would.

But there will be reciprocal bit of stuff winging it your way soon Ms Lucy Violet Vintage!

*is that a cowboy in drag????

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Recycled Jumper Quilt

I was inspired by the rugs the Made in Merri team made for our retiring school Principal and I decided to give it a go. Mine looks like the cheap knock off version but it's been great to try the techniques gleaned from those group crafting sessions.

The jumpers were felted in a hot wash, ironed and cut into 12 x 12 squares.

After playing with colour combos and contrasts, placing the squares on the kitchen table, I settled on patterns and gathered up each row in order and pinned with a number of which row it was.

With the sewing machine I stitched each row together....

Then the rows were pieced together on the machine. As it wasn't for a super duper important gift I wasn't as neat and super duper as the Made in Merri crew.

Then I backed it with linen, straight stitch around the edge.

My final (maybe)* step was to edge it with left over rib. The made in Merri gals made BAIS binding for their quilt and maybe they even STITCHED IN THE DITCH - far beyond me I'm afraid. Instead I overlocked ribbed bands together then attached to the quilt with the overlocker before turning the rib over and hand stitching it on the other side.
My plan is to keep going with these and hopefully sell the cheap knock off rugs at the school fete next year.

*Made in Merri ladies did a quilting stitch by hand around some squares and I still may attempt this just to hold the back and front in place.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Recycled Inner tube necklaces

These are made to order. It was good to dig out the rubber again and have a play.(Does that sound slightly sordid?)
This one is simple. Cut a length of tube on the curve.

Cut bottom edge and wash inside and out.
When it's dry, stitch a casing along with the sewing machine.
Then with scissors carefully cut fringing.
Thread chain through the casing to the length you want.

This one is a bit more complicated with tassels and jump rings but not too tricky because I'm not very good with jewellery stuff - pliers and the like - and I managed to make it! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

pom pom head band - a proper tutorial!

Everyone wants pom poms sprouting from their head now so I whipped up a stretchy pom pom headband for the kids and thought I'd redeem my laziness and do a tutorial - all proper like with words and pictures and numbers and everything! So here it is.

Monday, June 15, 2015

an UN-TUTORIAL for pom pom head piece

Do you like my pom pom head piece? Or do I just look like my woolly brain is exploding from my head (yes I feel like my brain IS made of fluffy pom poms sometimes..)

Here's how I made it  - although it's so basic I'm not sure I should even be giving instructions. It's an untutorial!
You will need:
 scraps of wool
a trusty pom pom maker
 and a hair comb.
1. make pom poms I made two different sizes and I also made a heap of them so I can do different colour combinations.
2. Use the wool around the centre of the pom pom to tie to the thick end part of a hair comb.
3. Stick it in your hair

It makes a good change from flowers...and it's woolly and warm for winter.

Monday, June 1, 2015

endings and beginnings...

With last week, Autumn ended.

With last week, the month of May ended.

With last week, the book I was reading ended and the crochet poncho project ended.

With last week, my kids book club finished their Moomin book reading.

So much ending.

With this week, Winter begins.*

With this week, June begins.

With this week, I start reading "A God in Ruins" by Kate Atkinson and start knitting this.

(free pattern here for the short sleeve cardi)

So many beginnings.

And as I discovered from the Moomins, sometimes endings and beginnings are the same thing.
*best thing about winter means I can wear my fur hats!