Monday, November 2, 2015

Blog worthy?

You know? I often just don't think it's worthy - you know blog worthy
I mean - it's just me. 
Just me. In clothes(phew!). 
Just me in my everyday life. 
Hello! Here I am casually leaning against the door...

now with my coat off... casually dragging my coat..cos yeah I do that all the time...

and now I'm leaning on the door and casually  looking up. Why? I have no freaking idea. I'm such a natural in front of the camera hah!

Is it blogworthy? Or is the question, am I blogworthy? I mean I'm not showing you how to make anything. I'm not baring my soul, or presenting any sort of philosophical musings that would blow your mind. It's just me. Today with my big hair and big collar. Because I'm a well balanced sort of person.

I have been sewing: DISASTERS.
I have been singing: leaving songs in the key of C.
I have been reading: Reviews on my goodreads!
I have been writing: oh those short stories and now I have signed up for NaNoWriMo where you write a novel (yes, a bad novel but a novel all the same!) in a month. 

But for now all I have for you is me zooshing my pigtails. 

It isn't blogworthy is it? Oh well. I'm going to hit the publishing button anyway!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Doppelganger take 2!

More love bundles have arrived from across the Nullarbor Plain. Kylie has sent me another parcel (what would I do without you Kylie?) and look what it was! 

She saw this in an op shop and thought of me a) because it looked a bit like me (thanks Kylie - if only I had smooth transculecnt face that doubled as a useful container rather than a receptical for this rather frenetic brain of mine!) and 

b) because she though I could make some for our environment stall at the school fete!

And she's on the money there - It ticks all the boxes. Recycled and fun and lovely! I have lots of scraps of fabric perfect for the head scarf and oodles of ric rac to make more of these dolly faced containers. 

I just love her! And I know she is supposed to be a container for hair rollers and pins but I couldn't resist accessorising with her and carrying her as my better smoother doppleleganger hand bag! It's fun to walk along swinging my own head from my wrist. Too much hilarity! I could wear my doppelganger earrings at the same time and become so self referential I almost cease to exist!

Can't thank you enough Kylie. Blogger friends are the best (should I put that on a t-shirt? Actually I always wanted a t -shirt that said: I blog therefore I am....not that I really wear t-shirts...ever...but still... if I did....)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Think Pink!

I know, I know, you were expecting frocks! It's FROCKTOBER - a terrific initiative for raising money for the Ovarian Cancer Foundation AND a great way to raise awareness about the symptoms of ovarian cancer. I frocked 'til I dropped last year but am giving you all a rest from seeing me, me, me on your screens. I encourage you all to follow a frocker or two though and cheer and donate a-plenty!

All I've got for you for the new month of October is new's's's making me feel pretty refreshed.

Winter was hard. I found it hard. But suddenly, in a strange typical Melbourne way, it's a hot 35 degrees today and we've gone from being covered from head to toes in puffer jackets scarves, beanies and boots to getting out in strappy dresses. All very confronting! Skin! Pale skin! Legs!  Hairy legs! Body bits! Wobbly body bits! Yikes-a-rama!

Here's a pensive me thinking, "Is my beehive really high enough or could I make it higher???"

Do you like how I matched my earrings to the lime tree? Sooooo stylish! 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Tiny Starman

My Little fella, Joe, performed with his prep class at ACMI last weekend as part of the David Bowie exhibition performances.

His wonderful prep teacher Emma (that's her above) is one of those extra special teachers who not only imparts wisdom but who also imbues her classroom with a magical atmosphere. She is a huge Bowie fan and has taught the children to sing "Starman" 

Melbourne is awash with Bowie fever right now and it was HUGE for the prep kids to be part of such an amazing event. They arrived early Saturday morning for face painting ...
 and posing ....

and warming up...
And then they were on!

Joe had a special part. He played the lead break on the melodica. Too cute.

After the song there was a game of Bowie musical statues to "Golden Years"! BEST BOWIE DAY EVER!


Friday, September 18, 2015

Cheap Shoe Revamp

Or how to make your shoe go from this...

to this!

The bad thing about cheap shoes - they fall apart.

 These faux suede brogues from the op shop started shedding the fake wood heel on the first wear.  Oh well - I didn't like the colour ( or lack there of) anyway.

And the good thing about cheap that you can experiment on them!
I peeled off the fake wood veneer heel ( pretty easy as it was practically evaporating off!) and then I stuffed them with newspaper painted the suede with acrylic tool a few layers and I really massaged the wet paint into the surface...

and finished them off with some spray clear sealant....

and gold heels...because I had gold paint...but may change's only paint!

What do you think?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Poncho for all Seasons!

I declare that 2015 has been my year of the poncho.

With the seasons changing and finally a glimmer of sunshine on our horizon I asked myself,

"Julianne, how do you plan to incorporate a poncho into your Summer wardrobe?"

"Well, Julianne," I answered myself, "With a vintage towel beach poncho OF COURSE!" D'uh!"

 Two matching "palm beach" vintage towels at Savers the other day were exactly what I needed. A  pair for $2.99!

Fortunately, I had the trusty "Golden Hands Encyclopedia of Craft" poncho instructions at the ready...
The towels were a lot larger than the size in Golden Hands.  I cut some of the length but kept the width so it's a large coverall for the beach. I included the darts too as suggested in the book.

In one crafternoon I made it, finishing it off with some fringing. So simple!
Now...where's the sun?

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bustling About.

Yesterday I looked like a 1960's interpretation of an 1860's Western saloon girl via some early noughties bad sewing. Well. I tried to looked like Miss Kitty from "Gunsmoke."

What do you think? Is that a look? 60's television Western saloon girl?

The skirt has images of bustling women and in a vague early 2000's interpretation of that, I made it with tucks at the hem and some experimental vertical shirring in the back to create some poof.

If you look closely you can read the skirt -
diary excerpts of a bike ride that mentions places like Cape Ann and a picnic at Pigeon Cove, a visit to Rafe's Chasm and Norman's Woe.

Is it really polite to mention Rafe's Chasm?? Does it possibly has something to do with poor Norman's woe?

Anyway - feel free to read my skirt - just don't look too closely at how badly I made it.
I do wonder who this woman is - especially as her face is placed right on my front bottom, as the kids would say.

The lace shirt is quite a commitment to wear as it is like Miss Mary Mack all dressed in black with silver buttons all down her back and I sometimes have anxiety about getting stuck in clothes. This shirt needs attendants to help you dress!

But if you want to see have to check out Mel's shirt over at Bag and a Beret! Now THAT'S some FRILLS! And do watch her short movie...what that woman does with a clears the sinuses...