Monday, June 22, 2015

Recycled Inner tube necklaces

These are made to order. It was good to dig out the rubber again and have a play.(Does that sound slightly sordid?)
This one is simple. Cut a length of tube on the curve.

Cut bottom edge and wash inside and out.
When it's dry, stitch a casing along with the sewing machine.
Then with scissors carefully cut fringing.
Thread chain through the casing to the length you want.

This one is a bit more complicated with tassels and jump rings but not too tricky because I'm not very good with jewellery stuff - pliers and the like - and I managed to make it! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

pom pom head band - a proper tutorial!

Everyone wants pom poms sprouting from their head now so I whipped up a stretchy pom pom headband for the kids and thought I'd redeem my laziness and do a tutorial - all proper like with words and pictures and numbers and everything! So here it is.

Monday, June 15, 2015

an UN-TUTORIAL for pom pom head piece

Do you like my pom pom head piece? Or do I just look like my woolly brain is exploding from my head (yes I feel like my brain IS made of fluffy pom poms sometimes..)

Here's how I made it  - although it's so basic I'm not sure I should even be giving instructions. It's an untutorial!
You will need:
 scraps of wool
a trusty pom pom maker
 and a hair comb.
1. make pom poms I made two different sizes and I also made a heap of them so I can do different colour combinations.
2. Use the wool around the centre of the pom pom to tie to the thick end part of a hair comb.
3. Stick it in your hair

It makes a good change from flowers...and it's woolly and warm for winter.

Monday, June 1, 2015

endings and beginnings...

With last week, Autumn ended.

With last week, the month of May ended.

With last week, the book I was reading ended and the crochet poncho project ended.

With last week, my kids book club finished their Moomin book reading.

So much ending.

With this week, Winter begins.*

With this week, June begins.

With this week, I start reading "A God in Ruins" by Kate Atkinson and start knitting this.

(free pattern here for the short sleeve cardi)

So many beginnings.

And as I discovered from the Moomins, sometimes endings and beginnings are the same thing.
*best thing about winter means I can wear my fur hats!

Friday, May 29, 2015

I've made it and I'm wearing it...

What do you think? Thanks for all the help - you were right. Stripes were the way to go! I ended up putting in the pink because I was worried I wouldn't have enough of the other colours and I like it. It's a heavy, fringy colourful, warm poncho and what was it the pattern said? It has a little touch of Mexico about it.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Flourishing Fringes!

yes...there is quite a bit of fringing in this poncho...yesterday was a day of endings. I finished the poncho with a thick flourish of fringing and I finished the book I was reading ("How to be Both" by Ali Smith)too. Now I have a bit of a combined post-craft-project/post-good-book blues....

Friday, May 1, 2015

Poncho Poser!

All this poncho desire and talk of making ponchos and I had to admit to myself - I DO HAVE A PONCHO! I found this vintage poncho in the kids section of an op shop recently. Sorry kids! This one's for me.
I'm wearing it with high necked lace blouse, vintage trousers, flower head band and my new blue suede shoes. Yep. Blue suede shoes.

It was quite tricky to get a shot of the whole outfit which is why I'm down here on the floor. The things I do for you blog readers....

Here's a shot of the shoes. They are, believe it or not, comfy to walk in.  Really. Although I did find they were almost impossible to ride a bike in. (I did manage...just.)
Hmm. I spy a rogue block in the shot. Where is the stylist? Who left that toddler toy there? I haven't had a toddler in years! Has it been there all that time? Where's the butler?