Thursday, October 23, 2014

Frocktober 23 Frocktabularse Guest Frocker!!!!

I know right! You get a rest from gawping at my awkward poses and get the delightful Helga Von Trollop  from New Zealand instead! We both have a penchant for square dancing frocks, coloured tights and shoes but Helga turns it into a "fecking" art form! My children are in love with her and wish she was their Aunty. I'll be sending them over Helga!

And how about her expertise at poses - yes I could learn a thing or two. She can be forthright then demure....
 and even dance moves. Her frocktabularse blog is always a sight for sore eyes so if youse don't all follow her then youse are lagging behind.
 And Helga has provided some sage advice here ladies on how to look after yourself!

" Ladies, it's crucial to twirl your way into the gyno regular like, hop up on up on the table and spread your pretty legs so that your lady parts are well looked after!
Ovarian cancer is no laughing matter, and your loved ones will be grateful to you for keeping a special eye on your womanly health!"

And just an update on ovarian cancer research, read this article on how scientists discovered that tampons can contain DNA from an ovarian tumors and this could lead to an early detection test. Great news.

And just to prove I did frock I am today. i felt a bit like Patsy from Ab Fab. 

I even had a hangover thanks to drinking too many negroni's at the bar last night. Or should that be "negroaaaanies"?

Remember that your donations go directly towards research into ovarian cancer. Donate HERE! And if you would like a craft kit pack or mexican goodies pack with your donation just leave a message! BIG THANKS to my sister Kelly's (ahem veterans) hockey team for donating (if she's in a veteran team that make ME OLD!) and to the Parzacs, Valentina and Saro!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

frocktober Day 22 A Wordy Day

TODAY'S PHOTOS BY JOE (age 5) and PEPPER (age 7)

Yesterday was a wordy day. I wore this '50's cotton frock with matching bolero. What would you call that? An ensemble? This is another gift from my Tasmanian friend Sue (and yeah - I bet you wish she was your friend too! Because generosity isn't even the half of it! She can make bread. And beer. And build houses....)

This "ensemble" is a real classic outfit. The label is "Cole of California". I love how it has such a buttressed bust - a veritable constructed shelf - even when it's empty like when I wear it!!!!Impressive!

I wore it to the school library where Joe and I volunteer to shelve books. Yesterday we sat and read some books too. Joe took my photo!
Joe brought his pen and paper and asked beseechingly, "could you teach me how to write every word in the world in little writing?" Together we wrote a story about our recent visit to the National Gallery of Victoria where we rode a gold carousel. Joe's story also went into much detail about sushi.

It was a good warm up for the evening's  writing workshop at the Coburg Library with author Paddy O'Reilly which she described as a gym class for exercising our writing muscles. Can't recommend these workshops highly enough. There's something wonderful and mining the brain, forcing yourself to try harder, think about things you wouldn't normally think about - lifting those word weights harder!  Higher! More reps! I left with all my senses heightened!

Thank youse need to go out to Reggie and Shara for their wonderful support and donations yesterday. There's still NINE DAYS TO GO! Remember -if you would like to buy either a brooch craft kit pack or a bag-tag craft kit pack with your donation, just leave a message.
DONATE HERE All proceeds go directly to ovarian cancer research - it's not a rare or obscure cancer. It's a frockin' deadly cancer that is silent in symptoms and an early detection test is essential to saving women's lives. We are helping with that - spread the word.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Frocktober Day 21 (well the evening of the day before!)

I doubled up on frocks yesterday - is that cheating? I frocked up to go to the Merri Creek Primary School Art Show. And what an art show it was! I can't even express my overwhelming amazement at the incredible variety of creativity on display! Check out the ceramics! And the weaving! AND THE MONKEYS!!!

 While I frocked around I spoke to many people about frocktober and about ovarian cancer. It's amazing how many people mistakenly think that a pap smear tests for ovarian cancer. it's also amazing how many people think ovarian cancer is rare! One woman every 10 hours dies from it!

I'm finding frocktober such a simple, fun and easy way to raise awareness for the ovarian cancer research foundation. And nothing like electric blue taffeta and Anna Davern ear-rings for a conversation starter!
Donate to frocktober HERE


And a BIG shouty-out thank youse to Klarissa, my sister Jane and Eilis from FROCK THIS TOWN for the donations! We are over the $1000 mark! Yay!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Frocktober Day 20!!! The Higher the Hair......

The closer to Jesus.
Have you ever noticed the correlation between country singers hair in the 70's and their christianity? The higher the hair, the closer to Jesus? Yes I know - I should do a phd on it. Check out Wanda Jackson here!
So I'm doing my best to match HIGH HAIR with my 'Loretta Lynne Dress'. That's what my partner has always called this dress. And it's true. Loretta was a fan of the long sleeve dress with spangles.

 But I call it my "Gayle dress" because Gayle gave it to me. She was the vice principal where my kids went to primary school. They used to call her "Skeletor" - yeah kids! So mean! She was very thin and never smiled and we were all a bit scared of her. One day she called me over for a chat and I thought the kids were in trouble. But in fact, she wanted to give me 3 amazing bridesmaid frocks from 1971! The hot pink one I wore on day 8 was one, there was a white one with 3d flower sleeves that has since been given away in an over generous moment to a young friend who looked so amazing in it and this one. The BRIGHT LUMINOUS RED BEADED AMAZINGLY MADE LONG SLEEVED BUTTON BACK Loretta Lynne dress. And you know - poor Gayle was thin and unhappy because she was going through a really tough time. She came out the other side and blossomed again - got rosier cheeks and we all got to see her generous soul.
I know there are many a generous soul out there too so donate to the ovarian cancer research foundation if you can. As my friend Kylie said - it's a no brainer! Donate here. Ovarian cancer kills a woman in Australia every 10 hours and developing an early detection test is the key to beating it.

Don't forget the Mexican stuff you can buy and the proceeds will go to frocktober. Make an offer - no offer too small so don'e be shy! I will cover the postage.

Now here's Loretta Lynne singing "Fist City". What song and what singer!


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Frocktober Day 19 MEXICAN GOODIES!

Would you like some Mexican festive decorations for your next party? Or for the up coming Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)? Or like me - just leave them up all the time.

I have some gorgeous colourful Mexican papel picado flags in large and cute mini flags plus 2 milagros badges - one for luck and one for being my hero. These are all handmade in Mexico and all yours for any donation to frocktober! Leave me a message if you would like these goodies and donate! Don't be shy! No donation too small.

And keeping with the Mexican theme, today's frock is a traditional embroidered number from mexico which I bought on etsy. Of course I had to wear it with Frida-like flowers and my little papel picado ear-rings.


Frocktober is rolling on and the donations are still coming in which is sensational.

This is from the frocktober website:

100% of the funds raised for this campaign go towards funding research into an early detection for ovarian cancer to save women’s lives. Our aim in 2014 is to beat last year’s funds raised of $328,000 to enable us in 2015 to fund our very own Frocktober Research Fellow and follow their progress as part of next year’s campaign.

Well - we still have 11 days to go! So far this frocktober has raised $118,138.74so we still have a way to go to beat last year. So come on - donate and get this Mexican pack of goodies! I leave my festive flags up all year round!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Frocktober 18 - An epic op shop adventure!

It was epic! We started at 10 am and didn't stop for a drink, food or toilet break until 5.30 pm. Yeah. Epic!
My good friends Sal and Leanne  (both not frock wearers!) took ourselves to the well heeled part of town to raid their op shops. We  are well matched with our stamina and shopped til we finally the pub for a drink! Here I am, the weary shopper returns!

I wore my flouncy 70's prairie style dress. And can I just say - for a big shop like this you need to be prepared. Comfy shoes and a slip for getting changed!
I got a huge haul - head piece (you will see soon!), cardies, frocks, skirt, ear rings, necklace and SHORTS! Yes! SHORTS! I'll be wearing pants for a month after this! The frock above is an eighties fitted number with bright trim and bows on the sleeves....
and I can NEVER resist an islander moo moo  dress!!!! I did resist the sequin number below however...

 and this disco pink frock.
But it wasn't all fun and frocks. Leanne told me about a friend of a friend who is only 32 years old. She was out running one day when she felt a pressure in her lower abdomen and a strong urge to wee. She was diagnosed shortly after with ovarian cancer and she was already at the palliative stage. That's why all the frocktoberers are raising money - to find a way to detect this insidious killer disease in the early stages and save lives.

If you can spare a dollar or too, donate here.

And thanks to Jac who did just that!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Frocktober Day 17 Tiptoe through the Tulips

Donna over at Hung Up On Retro writes hilarious posts with photos from the past that fry your brain and sometimes give you nightmares. Her Freaky Friday post today was Tiny Tim wearing gold books, blue spangled suit and wielding a silver ukulele. I used to LOVE Tiny Tim. Me and my best friend would listen to that Loony Tunes album over and over and I just loved that crazy falsetto and tinkling uke. So today I'm posing with my silver uke to show Donna. Thank for the donation too Donna!

The frock is op shopped and a bit square dancey again. Although for the highlight of square dancing frocks you must check out Helga Von Trollop's blog post today!
This one has coffee lace trim and is quite subdued for me but if you look closely the floral print is yellow orange pale blue and bright green.

A friend (and donator - Thanks Karen!) told me yesterday that she thought my posing was getting better... That's nice to hear because I still feel like a right jerk in front of the camera. Hope you like the posey poses today. Look Karen! I even climbed the apple tree!

And remember, if you can, donate to frocktober. Still some time to go! I realise many of us need to budget for these things. No donation is too small. The money goes to ovarian cancer research. Donate here.... or I might start playing the uke and yodelling.