Friday, September 30, 2011

Finish things Friday!!!

Yes! I have FINALLY had a finish things Friday.
1. Alterations for Spring wardrobe - TICK!

All three cut off shorter and taken in and I elasticised the sleeves of the dress below (which really was a bit of a moo moo) to make them puffy!

Now. Where's the sunshine??? (Hope you noticed that my hair is getting more Dolly-like each day!

2. Crochet Collar for Liz- TICK! 

This collar is based on Shara Lambeth's pattern and I added crocheted sugar skulls as requested. I also added an extra row to the collar which makes is a little wider and then a chain scallop lacy edge.

Looking forward to a start something new Saturday!


  1. Love love love those dresses. I'm hoping this will inspire me to do some work on the pieces hanging in my wardrobe!

  2. You're the inspirational one Cam! You're always busy making things! These dresses have been hanging around for ages (literally!)so it feels good to have them wearable. Did you see in my last post I covered a lamp shade? I did it the cheaters way but it worked well - quick and easy!

  3. Deer, dress, skulls, dolly hair -- love it all!!!