Sunday, October 2, 2011


As soon as I signed up I thought, "What have I got myself into??"  Yes - Blogtoberfest. A blog everyday . And already, on day two, I am one day behind!

Will blogtoberfest inspire my blog posts? Will it raise my posts to new heights of insight? Or will it put me on a slippery slope, sifting through the dregs of my everyday until I'm blogging about my cup of tea?

As a reluctant blogger in the first place I thought a bit of intense blogtoberfest action might cure me of my aversion for cicking the "posting" tab and, like an athlete in training, I'll exercise that posting muscle until it's as natural as breathing.

But really, the appeal of Blogtoberfest is being part of the gang. Of community and connection. Participating in the recent hot water bottle fundraiser organised by lovely Curlypops resulted in new friends and a better understanding of where this blog belongs in the vast sea of internet information. I no longer felt as though I was writing to no one or lost in space (Is there anyone out there?Urgh! The existential angst!) but part of a community of like minded crafty creative interesting people!

So, blogtoberfesters! I'm looking forward to getting to know you and to you getting to know me.

Now. Is it a relevant post to post about posting?? Bit like this photo - a landscape mural of the landscape.

image courtesy of Baby let me follow you down

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