Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Textile Artist Nick Cave (and a Mini Mexican Makeover)

My eyes are popping out of my head and my jaw is dropping to the floor! My friend sent me a link to the work of Chicago based artist Nick Cave and it is truly spectacular. The use of textures - some knitted and crocheted - and the amazing button work really blows my mind. Not to mention the COLOURS!!!!!
It is truly spectacular. 
The body is made from crocheted doilies and pot holders...I think I want pants like this! And below is a bear upholstered in jumpers!!!
            Buttons! All BUTTONS!!!

Yes I know!Exclamation mark overload!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile...back on the ranch...I gave the lamp a mini-mexican-makeover using Mexican oil cloth. Rathdowne Fabrics  has a fantastic selection of printed oil cloth at the moment. Great for place mats, tablecloths, homemade lunch boxes and bags.

For the lamp shade I simply got the shade, laid it on the wrong side of the fabric and rolled it along, tracing the shape with a pen. Because this fabric doesn't fray I just cut it out, sewed on the fringing to the bottom edge and  then one seam along the side to join it. Then I just slipped it over the shade. The light comes through beautifully too!

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