Monday, August 22, 2011

I heart crocheted collars!

This collar is from the same Shara Lambeth Design's pattern as the sugar skull collar in the last post. To make it small enough to fit four year old Pepper, I used 20g crochet cotton and a 2.50mm hook.

The hearts are from embroidery thread and I made up the pattern.Not sure I'm happy with it and am looking forward to Shara posting a heart pattern soon!!!

The heart pattern is:

5 ch sl st to form a ring.12 ht into the ring.
3 chain then a dt into the same stitch, tr in next stitch, ht in following 3 stitches, then ht,tr,ht, into the next stitch (to be the point of the heart) then a ht in each 3 following stitches, tr in next stitch, dt in next stitch, 3 ch into same stitch (to match the other side)
sl st into centre stitch then dc around the whole heart except for at the point where I did a dc, ht, dc.

***I'm a novice at this crochet caper so my patterns may be a bit unconventional! Hope it makes sense. Here's the pattern for the sugar skull toggles in last week's blog post...

Crochet Sugar Skull Pattern:
I've used cotton and I've used four ply wool to make little 4.5 cm (1.5 inch) long skulls
5 chain then sl st to form a ring then 6 ht into the ring 2 ch turn ht in same stitch

2 ht in each stitch following (12 ht in all counting first 2 chain as a ht)
You then have a semi circle. 1 chain then 4 dc across the bottom of the semi circle. I use this opportunity to dc in the end from the starting point then it’s less sewing in later!)

2 chain then 1 ht in each around the semi circle.

Then sl st in 2 across the bottom edge of semi circle 2 chain and ht in same st followed by 3 ht across

3 ch and turn 3 tr across
then 1 ch, turn and 3 dc across and fo 

To decorate the face, daisy stitch the eyes and use a satin long stitch for the nose. 

I've got about 20 faces to stitch then I'm hoping to starch these to be Day of the Dead ear rings. I've made some from wool but love the ones from cotton the best!

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  1. Yay! These are SO cool!! Love it! Both the hearts and the Sugar Skulls suit the collars perfectly! Looks like I might have to link back to your post here as well :-) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your new patterns Shara! Especially the apple - You're a real crochet queen!!