Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Recycled Plastic Bottle Bangles

Making has been on the back burner lately - what with all the writing and snake wrangling.

But I had a go at something I'd seen on Pinterest and, unlike many things seen and tried from pinterest, this ACTUALLY WORKED!

Here is how:
Cut a soda bottle into rings. Put the iron on hot. Cover the iron surface with a piece of baking paper and gently rub the edges onto the iron surface pushing it in a circular motion.

This one I painted on the inside with confetti nail polish. 
I'm experimenting for next year's enviro stall at the fete.
What do you think? If I can get some coloured bottled it will be fun.

And now I'm wearing them!

I also wanted to show off my wooden map of Australia. I snapped up at the op shop the other day. It's for a tourist spoon collection....but I think I'll either paint it or turn it into something else...not sure... somehow I envisage a test-tube vase arrangement?? I just love it. It's so BIG. And fit's into this space rather well...

I bought the 70's maxi dress at the same op shop on the same day. It fits well too. Good op shop day.

And yes. It does seem that my hair has turned into fair floss.


  1. I LOVE your Australia map so much J that now I want one too!
    (keep your eyes peeled for me)
    Those bangles are great (and so are you!)

    1. Thanks Kylie - I thought of you when I found it! Now I just need a Tasmania...and a lot of teaspoons!

  2. Those bracelets are super ...!