Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Craft Free Christmas?

Remember when this was a craft blog? Oh Christmas used to be the time for my fingers to get calloused from stitching and  my nails inadvertantly polished with glue. 

But you know something? I'm having myself a craft free Christmas.
I can't be tempted by all you devil crafts people! I won't look at 30 great last minute DIY gifts and you won't catch me clicking on the link to 24 great wrapping ideas by Martha Stewart OR the 52 Christmas decorations to make from a discarded cork.

The craft giver in me has gone on holiday. In the Bahamas. Sorry.

But the good news is I won't be making any of the following tin foil centre pieces. No really. I can't be tempted!
Not even by the shiny snowman....

 nor the groovin' alien angel.....
 Or the incongrous kitten cookie holders.

Yes I'll admit the demonic elf pyjama bag is tempting. And just in case it has taken possession of your craft soul here are the instructions!

And if you want to remember the good old crafty Christmases of yore or get some ideas then click on this link and you'll see that I've crafted myself into a Christmas collapse on rather too many occasions!


  1. Really? Maybe you'll change your mind ... There's still time! Some of the things you've done in the past are great (I particularly like the soy sauce packaging recycling) ...

    1. Stop trying to tempt me to the dark side Leanne!

  2. I checked your Christmases past crafts - jumpin' lizards, that's some serious crafting skills. I think I could manage this delightful tinfoil snowman. Somehow I don't believe you can abstain from crafts at this time of year. I await your new post... If you need support, email me.
    I loved your tyrant survey. Hahaha!

    1. Always good to ask yourself if you are being a Christmas tyrant Mel!

  3. Great post J! Love that retro styling!
    I hope I wasn't the "Christmas Tree Tyrant" you referred to (December 18 2012)???
    I've got a feeling I might have been...gulp!
    (this year our tree is suitably haphazard - dragged it out of the shed yesterday, dusted off the cobwebs, bunged on a few fairy lights et voila!)
    Have a happy Christmas Julianne (no cards this year but you'd definitely be on my list if I'd got my act together)
    Love, Kylie x

    1. You were most certainly NOT who I was referring to!