Monday, December 7, 2015

Catch up!

You may think the (digital)age-old adage,
"I blog, therefore I am"  holds true. 
But not so. I haven't blogged in ages and guess what - I still exist. I'm here! Who knew?

Lots has actually happened.

First up! School trivia night - a 50's theme extravaganza in the appropriately kitsch  time-capsule-like location of the Thornbury Bowls club.

I found this bargain dress at the last minute and had a go at some victory rolls. We all found the powder rooms to be an enchanting backdrop for our posing...and I seemed to have spent some time there by the looks of this!

There was a competition to make an outfit from newspaper - and I was the controversial judge. I'm still living down not choosing a well made Adam Ant ensemble but couldn't go past this outfit below once it was finished. There was also a team that used rice crackers as accessories. Nice one!

It was a top night and raised money for the school. FYI our team came second by ONE POINT - just like last time. Sigh!

In other news....

My short story "One Summer" was in the top five shortlist for the Southern Cross Short Story Competition - a national competition judged by author Tony Birch.

No luck with the prize money but it is incredibly affirming to be on the esteemed shortlist and to receive a highly commended.

And on another day....I cuddled a black headed python.
So you see...I'm very much alive and kicking!


  1. I'm glad you're alive and kicking. I've been remiss with my blogging as well. It seems that once you get in the habit of NOT blogging, it's easy to continue along that road. Remember the time we did Blogtoberfest and blogged every day for a month?

    1. Hard to imagine blogging everyday now isn't it? It was great though! Lovely to hear from you Irene!

  2. I'm glad the python didn't cuddle you back too hard. Heh.
    But WOOHOO!!! Congratulations on your writing. Such a solitary sport and then to have it acclaimed in a short list? Hurrah!! I'm so happy for you.
    And I'm glad you found a great bathroom for your photos. Everyone looks stellar. I'd say the contest was rigged, I demand a recount!

    1. You're so right about the solitary nature of writing Mel - I don't even show my stories to anyone or get feedback so it was very gratifying to get shortlisted and to have someone read my story!

  3. Hey Julianne, I was just thinking about you, wondering if you still exist etc and here YOU are!!! You and your friends look gorgeous posing in that rather lovely loo.
    I'm so proud of your success in the short story comp J. So nice for your writing to be validated and very exciting too.
    I love the black dress you're wearing in the last pic. Are those delicious humongous pockets triple stitched in red? Gorgeous! (not so keen on python)
    Apologies for crap comment. Four days of term to go (only two more with kiddos) Yay!

    1. You would rock the black dress Kylie! And boy you have a good eye for quality - it's vintage Peter Weiss! The stitching is ORANGE - I've had it for over 15 years and just love it. Must cut a pattern from it before it falls apart!