Monday, November 2, 2015

Blog worthy?

You know? I often just don't think it's worthy - you know blog worthy
I mean - it's just me. 
Just me. In clothes(phew!). 
Just me in my everyday life. 
Hello! Here I am casually leaning against the door...

now with my coat off... casually dragging my coat..cos yeah I do that all the time...

and now I'm leaning on the door and casually  looking up. Why? I have no freaking idea. I'm such a natural in front of the camera hah!

Is it blogworthy? Or is the question, am I blogworthy? I mean I'm not showing you how to make anything. I'm not baring my soul, or presenting any sort of philosophical musings that would blow your mind. It's just me. Today with my big hair and big collar. Because I'm a well balanced sort of person.

I have been sewing: DISASTERS.
I have been singing: leaving songs in the key of C.
I have been reading: Reviews on my goodreads!
I have been writing: oh those short stories and now I have signed up for NaNoWriMo where you write a novel (yes, a bad novel but a novel all the same!) in a month. 

But for now all I have for you is me zooshing my pigtails. 

It isn't blogworthy is it? Oh well. I'm going to hit the publishing button anyway!


  1. Yes, so ultimately blogworthy. It is YOU after all. You and I have been doing very similar things recently but you seem to generate more output. Maybe if I had hair as divine as yours I would generate output as well.

  2. Dear "Sorella fuori legge" This is the traducction in englis for your name. Cause you are you, you are a "blogwortthy" i came here to follow you. I love your blog. I mean, rather than worty, i can say "original"...You can be inspirtation for people like me. I grew up with lovely crazy people like you & I miss please, keep your way of life, be always your self, cause you are unique & awesome! Hugs from Italy. ^_^

  3. ANY thing YOU do/post is blog worthy J.
    I hope you keep blogging. I would truly miss you if you quit x

  4. Zooshing ones pigtails is always worth blogging about.
    Not all of us can zoosh you know. Some of us have left our zooshing days behind and can now only read about it. So please, for all of our sakes, keep up the zooshing.

  5. Love the zooshing too! As a fellow thornbury-ite (well northcote really but I prefer to say thornbury because it's way better) I salute your style and zoosh-ability!!!!