Sunday, August 9, 2015

Parcel Love

Kylie sent me a parcel to warm the cockles of my heart! It arrived when my spirits were at a lowish ebb - winter blues + birthday blues + several job rejections + writing rejection = a dispirited sister outlaw with more than a whiff of a mid-life crisis about her indeed.

But I went from this*.....
to this...
with the arrival of a parcel.

Sure -what a bundle of goodies!
A vintage luscious slip with lace and bows - still new with the tag on it! There were even matching knickers! Oh in the nineties I would have worn it as a dress ala Collette Dinnigan! Still might.

Gorgeous girdle pants with love heart details and even suspenders! For that perfect vintage silhouette .

This warm luminous pure wool mohair Scottish highland cape - Makes me want to wander the hills!
And tennis fabric and tennis dress pattern! I love that smash action that fabric girl has! Inspirational!

But wonderful as all that is - the overwhelming thing was that I felt loved and appreciated and understood.

Thanks so much Kylie for the thoughtfulness, your perfect taste and the effort in posting some love across the Nullabor to your shivering blog-friend in Melbourne. If I could parcel up my heart and tie it with a piece of string and send it off to Perth I would.

But there will be reciprocal bit of stuff winging it your way soon Ms Lucy Violet Vintage!

*is that a cowboy in drag????


  1. You are more than welcome my friend.
    This is a lovely thank-you post J, but...I am a little disappointed that there aren't any photos of you flouncing around in your petticoat/cape combo to accompany it - I was looking forward to a bit of Colette D/Miss Marple action from you ;)

  2. What a sweetheart, and what divoon gifts!
    Bummer you've been feeling the sting of rejection on top of birthday blues, my darling. Sucky suck.
    Feck that rubbish, they don't know what they're missing out on and YOU just get more gloriarse with each passing year!!!! Rock the hell on, gorgeous, and DO flounce about in that splendid petticoat!

  3. Aw youse two make me feel much better! There hasn't been much flouncing about - more like wrapping myself in a parka and fluffy hat and walking the dog. I'll work up to some more flouncing!

  4. Love bundles to the rescue!! In the nick of time. Yee haw, pow pow! Giddy up! I love these treasures and I hope you wear them with a huge grin on your face, as I know you will. Tennis girl? Hahaha. Really, what good timing. I hope this will help keep the blues at bay. Never forget how talented and cool you are no matter what those nonsense people throw at you.