Saturday, July 25, 2015

Recycled Jumper Quilt

I was inspired by the rugs the Made in Merri team made for our retiring school Principal and I decided to give it a go. Mine looks like the cheap knock off version but it's been great to try the techniques gleaned from those group crafting sessions.

The jumpers were felted in a hot wash, ironed and cut into 12 x 12 squares.

After playing with colour combos and contrasts, placing the squares on the kitchen table, I settled on patterns and gathered up each row in order and pinned with a number of which row it was.

With the sewing machine I stitched each row together....

Then the rows were pieced together on the machine. As it wasn't for a super duper important gift I wasn't as neat and super duper as the Made in Merri crew.

Then I backed it with linen, straight stitch around the edge.

My final (maybe)* step was to edge it with left over rib. The made in Merri gals made BAIS binding for their quilt and maybe they even STITCHED IN THE DITCH - far beyond me I'm afraid. Instead I overlocked ribbed bands together then attached to the quilt with the overlocker before turning the rib over and hand stitching it on the other side.
My plan is to keep going with these and hopefully sell the cheap knock off rugs at the school fete next year.

*Made in Merri ladies did a quilting stitch by hand around some squares and I still may attempt this just to hold the back and front in place.


  1. Love the colours. You've got a great eye.

  2. Love the colours. You've got a great eye.

  3. Extremely super-duper as far as I'm concerned J x

  4. So you made a quilt? Cool. You have mentioned before that you wanted to try that and your end results are great! WTG!