Thursday, April 30, 2015

How to Sew a Simple Poncho

Some Poncho sewing instructions from the
trusty old Golden Hands Craft books:

"The fitted poncho has two seams, shoulder darts and applied fringing. It has a set outline which will keep its shape if made in a firm woven fabric and for extra warmth and firmness you can line it.
You could adapt the poncho by trimming with fur or braid instead of the fringe; by pattern darning a border; by making a 'poncho suit' with skirt or trousers; or by using an exciting furnishing fabric, or casual towelling for the beach."

Hmmm. "poncho suit". Not a phrase you see every day. What do you think? Faster than knitting or crochet. I'm on the look out out "exciting furnishing fabric"!
Thank you, yet again, Golden Hands.


  1. Okay, what about casual furnishing fabric and exciting towelling? I do hope you make the elusive "poncho suit"!

  2. Only YOU could make towelling exciting!