Monday, April 27, 2015

70's Poncho Patterns

This is one of my favourite pattern books.

I just love the styling of this shoot - lazing about and crafting in the adobe hacienda with your long hair free and flowing. Although they do look a bit like they are imprisoned and waiting for the magnificent seven to rescue them*. A poncho sweatshop?

Looking at the patterns I realise that the old poncho is a very decadent item of clothing. Some of them have 7 balls of wool - just in the fringing!!!
Was wool really that much cheaper in the past?

Oh and I love that the poncho can also be a skirt. Ah the seventies. All long hair, boots and swathes of wool fringing.

*I would happily be rescued by the magnificent seven myself - especially Yul Brynner in that black shirt. Come and Save me Yul! Who-hoo!


  1. A poncho sweatshop? Hahaha. I like to think of it more as a cult with Mr. Brynner as the guru, everyone lined up for their special time with him. Heh.
    Great photos. Seven balls of wool for fringe? I thought ponchos came with fringe already attached, magic-like. You must be excited about your project.

    1. Oh a Brynner Poncho cult! Brilliant! I'll be in it - it does have a creepy cult feel actually! All that HAIR!

  2. Regarding the poncho dilemma, it will come as NO surprise that I urge you to go multi coloured!
    ponchos are divoon! I don't have one, however! I used to have a two toned green one, but I gave it away, as my copious bosom made it seem like a tent. Bloody love them though, and these pix are wonderful! You, you gorgeous little beast, need a billion caftans! You will look a dream, with your slender frame, and fit in with the chicks in the first pic perfectly! XXXXXX