Monday, December 15, 2014

vintage kaftan birds - still keeping it eco...

I thought you might be sick of seeing Christmas decorations photographed on my kitchen table. So here are the ones I finished today hanging appropriately enough on the apricot tree. (Don't say I never do nothing for youse. I do care, dear reader.)

The fabric is from a vintage kaftan - but panic not! It was stained and unwearable - obviously! Or I'd be wearing it! I love turquoise blue and silver.

The template is on this previous post.

The stuffing was recycled pure cotton stuffing from a friend's futon. The wings are coffee packets and doilies. The feet are pom pom trim.

A flock of them sewn on the machine one sunny morning and finished today in readiness for gifts for teachers and neighbours.I'm sure you could make them sweeter than me!

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