Sunday, December 14, 2014

blingtastic glamtastic disco wreath - keeping it eco

This was recycling on top of recycling - recycling to the power or recycling??? Way back in 2011 I made a wreath from an old kids bike tyre . Over the years, hanging it on the west facing front door it has got a bit shabby. In fact something very strange happened to the polystyrene. So this year I scraped it clean and with the help of my crafty seven year old twins we did some mosaic work with old c.d.'s.
I used scissors to cut the c.d.'s and the twins glued with craft glue. Good job girls!

We recycled the see-through bow from the old wreath, added some disco balls and bunches of silver flowers from the craft shop. I stuck the stalks of the flowers into ploystyrene pushed into the tyre cavity. Now get down and boogie Santa!


  1. V. Nice. I am sure Santa likes sparkle!

    1. It was fun and surprisingly easy to do with the kids. Get down and boogie!