Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Think Pink! Frocktober Day 8!

This is one of my most favourite dresses. It was given to me by the vice principal of the primary school where my kids went - 10 years ago. Gayle was her name and when she pulled me aside one day I thought the kids were in trouble. But she just wanted to tell me that she was bridesmaid three times in 1971 and to offer me the frocks! 

This one is Thai silk and the best hot pink magenta in the world. It's classic, simple and I've worn it to death. Today I'm wearing it with yellow tights Thai hill tribe wedges, Pucci scarf cumber band and black beads...and when the sun goes behind the clouds I don an aqua crocheted cardi. So think pink...and yellow...and aqua...and black...and green...

As I'm whirling around the colour wheel I thought I would offer this hand painted wooden brooch by "madz has runaway" for donation. Make and offer and donate and I will send you the brooch!


  1. Those shoes are amazing - shoe *lust*!

    1. You get the shoes here!

  2. You are very pretty in pink today J!
    I love your little movie x

  3. yeah those years at film school paid off...hee hee