Thursday, October 9, 2014

Frocktober Day 9! 80's does 40's

I'm channeling Rachael from Blade Runner. Thought I'd point that out 'cos I know I'm not doing such a great job....
This little frock is a fine example of 80's does 40's - one of my favourite cross over eras (along with 70's does 40's, 70's does 30's and 60's does Victoriana...yeah I think about this stuff way too much.)

And the colour? A  perfect 80's electric blue with black print, cross over front, peplum skirt, long sleeves, cuffs and straight skirt. It's from the op shop of course!

Not many accesories today - just dark red lace tights which are Leona Edmiston (and I must say they were given to me years ago and just last and last), a  BIG rolled fringe, victory rolls and a big flower with a veil in the back of my hair.
I frocked this number to the library today - a rather late deco building (Kylie??) that has been recently renovated.
 It used to have the most gorgeous deco toilets - all black and green glossy tiles....but alas, no more! Here they are today. I think my expression says it all. Ho hum.
Then I met my daughter Hazel at the op shop. She's wearing a tropical print jumpsuit! Which made it a very 80's sort of day!
Here's some more 80'a does 40's inspiration...
Please spread the word. Frocktober is about raising awareness of ovarian cancer. A pap smear doesn't detect ovarian cancer. There is no test that detects this form of cancer which is why it is such a dangerous and insidious disease. Without early detection the chances of recovery and survival are GRIM. That's why we need to raise money for research.
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  1. I love 80's does 40's frocks too (I have a few)
    I remember those loos.
    Husband in Melbourne for school reunion tomorrow - Melbourne Grammar. La-Di-Da! ;) I was not invited (his loss). I should've come over anyway - I could've played dress-ups with you...
    Hi Hazel, nice to meet you, but where's your frock?
    You're doing a great job Julianne x

    1. You SHOULD have come over Kylie. We would have had heaps more fun than those Melbourne Grammar boys!

  2. Black and green deco bathrooms.... I just love them. So sad they are gone. But you, Julianne - you make me happy! Love the 80s 40s and love a peplum . Hi Hazel - fab jumpsuit!

    1. Hazel sure can rock a jumpsuit. I bought her a psychedelic swirly shift dress in the oppy. Maybe she'll guest frock it! When will YOU guest frock Melita????

  3. I've always loved 80s does 50s myself. :)

    1. Ooh yes - all that pink and polka dots. The 90's did pretty good 70's as I recall!