Friday, October 10, 2014

Frocktober Day 10 Ranch Wear

Right! I'm saying at the outset - donate HERE - every donation helps. I'm frocking up to raise funds for ovarian cancer research not just giving you a guided tour of my wardrobe!

Today is a sunny day 10 and I'm wearing this one for Helga who claims she can't get enough gingham! In fact she said:

"There are no words for how fabularse gingham is.
I just need a whole lot more of it in my life, dammit."
So I'm wearing red gingham because if Helga says it's fabularse then it is. And if you look really closely you can spy that even my sandals resemble yellow gingham...

This dress has been in my wardrobe for so long (at least 17 years???)that I can't remember where I got it.
Here's me wearing it way back in 2006 in my former (brief) incarnation as a country singer. (Yeah! The hair! I know! What's with the shaved sides?)
From that expression, the capo and that D7 chord I reckon I was warbling "Weary Blues From Waitin'" Not that I could ever sing it like Hank Williams. 


  1. Gingham is so... Innocent and charming. A bit square dance-ey, too. The 2006 hair! It's a semi skunk! You look darn beautiful, as always. Your Frocktober-ing is giving me such joy and pleasure. Thank you.

    1. Yes it was skunkish! Once when I was at a bluegrass festival, a rather chubby young man in denim overalls told me I looked like a skunk and I told him he looked like one of the three little pigs!

  2. I had a buzz cut too back in the early 80's.
    My occupation at the time required me to wear a nurses cap (can you believe they were still worn then?!) it kept falling off because I had no hair on the sides to stick the clips in!!!

  3. Photo Kylie? I used to shave my head constantly through the eighties and yes - took a while to "let go" of my clipper obsession. Only gave this us in 2009 when I noticed all the spikey bristles were silver grey!!!

    1. None in existence Julianne.
      I broke up with my boyfriend at the time and burnt them all. Such a silly thing to do - wish I hadn't.
      Saw said bf years later and he definitely wasn't worth burning photos over. Or all those tears I shed ;)

  4. I gargle for ginham; I gargel for this frock! With DESIRE!
    Ah, I would love to hear you rock it up! XXX

  5. O, I shaved most of my head in the 80's too!