Saturday, October 4, 2014

Frocktober Day 4!

It's day 4 and I'm already sick of getting my photo taken! Urgh! I'm going to have to think creatively around this one.  But for now, here's my frock for day 4 of frocktober. 

It's a gorgeous sunny day in Melbourne and I'm wearing this home made, lined, tropical print 70's maxi dress - possibly a bridesmaid frock? It swishes and fits me like a glove and to be honest - I bought it a year ago and today is the first time I've worn it!
I'm a sucker for a graduated print that goes into a border. And I'm a sucker for hot pink and orange.
It's another dress that takes me into a Blue Hawaii frame of mind so I'm going to tell you all a story about when I went to Hawaii.

I was 19 years old and traveling with a school friend to England for a "gap year" (not that we called it that back then) and we had a stop over in Hawaii. It was my first time overseas and I was bursting with excitement. I was wearing hot pants with star patterned tights and a psychedelic swirly multi-coloured sixties polo neck top. Yeah...freak! When we got off the plane we had a confident plan A: Call the YWCA hostel for accommodation. There was no answer. And there was no plan B.

That's when a tanned man in his early forties approached me and offered us a place to stay at his place. He introduced himself as "Ace Cool". 

I turned to my friend and said "We are going with this man. His name is Ace Cool. I will take full responsibility for what happens to us."

Ah...the wide eyed naivety of youth. It paid off. Ace Cool was pretty Ace (but not that cool) and he had heaps of young tourists staying at his place where he gave surfing lessons as part of the price. We ate fresh tuna, pineapples, taro chips, lived right on the beach, got drunk under a full moon, made friends, climbed volcanoes and swam. We also jammed with a very young and not even up and coming Cuba Gooding jnr who lived downstairs at Ace's dreaming of being in a movie with Paul Hogan (it was the early 90's!)

It also turned out that Ace Cool had surfed the biggest wave ever by a paddle surfer.

Here he is getting rescued!It was a short hazy stay. Other worldly. A bit surreal. A bit unreal.... but now...back to FROCKTOBER!

 Remember to get the word out about Frocktober fundraising for ovarian cancer research - a very important issue. You can sponsor me here  Small donations are welcome!
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  1. A wild and colourful frock that matches your story about Hawaii (and Ace!) perfectly Julianne.
    (why don't you get some of your friends to frock-up, or those gorgeous daughters of yours? That would give you a break...I'd pop on a frock for you...)

    1. You're pn Kylie! PLEASE be a guest frocker! ANd yes - I'll be chasing those girls of mine to do it too!

  2. I love hot pink and orange, too! Just bought some hot pink and orange sandals. I also love a graduated print that forms a border. I love the Ace Cool story.

  3. Julianne that dress is perfection on you!!! Bridesmaid? You could get married in that outfit, it's so gorgeous. And fantastic with your current do.

  4. O KERIST you look amazing! I get to perve at you every day this month?!