Sunday, October 5, 2014

Frocktober Day 5 Trash or Treasure? Milkmaid or Square Dancing?

Here I am frocking my way around the Coburg Trash and Treasure market this morning with the kids.

My frock is an op shop old favourite - peasant style top with full three tiered skirt in alternating black and white polk-a-dots and checks.

Sometimes when I wear it I feel like a milkmaid. Today I wore it with a vintage 1940's wool embroidered Mexican jacket, black beads, flower ear-rings and headscarf, which made me feel more square dancer than milkmaid. But it's a matter of perpective. 

As is the market.

We found trash....that was like treasure and treasure that was like this album of footy players singing songs, including lovely Robbie Flower (who sadly passed away last week)singing "Macho Man" and Trevor Barker singing "I can see clearly now"

 A Jenny Kee knitting book, teletubby toy...

which the kids bought with their piggy bank money....along with a lot of other STUFF!

My fundraising for ovarian cancer research is doing well thanks to my very kind sponsors, Melita, Kylie and Phil. And I had a bit of a funny windfall today which might help. But I'll tell you all about it tomorrow...

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  1. Well Do-Si-Do!!!
    Looking gorgeous Julianne. Again!

    (I've written a quick post linking back here to you and to your sponsor page. Hope it helps x)

  2. O, my WORD you giveth me the HORN in that divoon frock!
    I would have shoved those gorgeous girls aside (fairly politely) and gone in for a tackle, just so I could touch your fabularsness! XXX

    1. You're making me blush! I'd be an easy push over Helga - I would swoon at your feet, roll over and let you scratch my belly!!!

  3. I've come here via Kylie's page - I'm sad that she's not frocking up, of course, but very happy to discover your blog. All the best for the month! Vicki (

    1. I'm sorry she's not frocking up either Vicki! She did a brilliant job last year! Stay tuned because we may get a cameo appearance!!!

  4. We've got that Teletubbby's mummy at our house... I think this could be hybrid milkmaid/square dancer! Makes me feel like dosey-doe-ing!