Friday, October 3, 2014

Frocktober day 3! Flashback Frock Friday

Can  you believe this dress? It's such a favourite. It's cotton, fifties, empire line with such lovely details - ties at the sleeves,  delicately beaded scoop collar AND pockets! Can a frock get much better? I bought it last year as part of Kylie's frocktober fundraising. As part of her fundraising she sold dresses and I snapped this one up. Kylie is the bees knees (No. Really. She is!) and lives in Perth and has a wonderfully warm and entertaining blog called Lucy Violet Vintage. She has the best collection of mid century Australian tea towels you will EVER see (including  a Kojak tea towel!) and a discerning finely tuned eye for mid century interior design and architecture for which she has a huge knowledge. Yeah okay - I know I'm gushing but this lass Kylie is the real deal - gorgeous, clever, knowledgeable, interesting, stylish AND fun. I know! Makes you want to move to Perth! (Well - makes me want to move to Perth!)Her Frocktober last year is part of the inspiration behind my adventures in frock fundraising land. She did an excellent, enormously fun and profitable campaign!

SO! Here are the photos of me wearing Kylie's dress last year. Makes me miss my high maintenance Mrs Slocombe pastel hair...almost!

You can sponsor my frock adventures to raise money for ovarian cancer research here


  1. How do you get any housework done in these outfits?

  2. I think you must have me mixed up with some other Kylie Julianne???
    I'm afraid I'd be a great, big, fat let down in the flesh, but your cheque's in the mail anyway you lovely, lovely thing :)
    That frock looks so sophisticated and glamorous on you - when I wore it I looked like I was playing dress-ups!
    Keep up the good work. You can DO IT!

  3. You are splattering my Pinterest. Just so you know! XXX