Thursday, October 2, 2014

Frocktober Day 2

A bright frock on a dull day.

This is one of my favourite everyday sort of frocks! What's not to like?

It has LONG SLEEVES (yay!) for those of us who feel the cold and it's drip dry 70's polyester for fast wash and wear and even though it's vintage it fortunately has no sweat memory! A hazard with 70's frocks!
You can wear it just about anywhere. Out to dinner or just out to check the mail (and no, this isn't even my letterbox!!)

It's has a crazy bright print that always gives me a bit more spark...

and this frock is also short and practical for playing at the park. Something a mother of five has to do quite often.


You can sponsor my frock-stravaganza fundraising here! And remember - I'm open to challenges! Already my lovley friend Melita has suggested a monochrome outfit. Me! In just ONE colour???? Stay tuned...


  1. Do you do boring? Mumsy? There's a challenge for you J!

    1. This is my mumsy everyday pick up the kids dress Kylie!

  2. Hilarious, Kylie. Yeah - do boring, Julianne! What is on your head? Brassica inspired bridal hair accessory?? Love the print on that frock.

    1. It's like a flock of cockatoos on my head really, isn't it? It's a head band flower thingy - possibly bridal? Thanks for the donation Melita - stay tuned for monochrome!