Monday, October 27, 2014

Frocktober Day 27 Rainy Days and Mondays....

 Last night a huge storm hit Melbourne. It was a very dark morning.... But the sun came out briefly and Joe and I dashed out and took some photos.

Today's frock made a guest appearance last year for Melita's frocktober. My mum bought it for me. It's such a lovely 1940's frock - grape coloured crepe with delicate beading and a little tie back waist. Wearing it brings back romantic memories of meeting my man in the city, back in the early days of our courting,  and sitting on the grass full of nerves and a heart doing cartwheels.

We're on the home stretch in the frocktober fundraising fun. This month hasn't just been about $$$ though. It's about awareness too. The small amount of research and knowledge I have of ovarian cancer and a day of threatening dark skies has put me in a sombre mood.

In the U.S they spread the word to B-E-A-T ovarian cancer by sharing the early warning signs. This is from a blog I found:

B = bloating that is persistent and does not come and go
E = eating less and feeling fuller
A = abdominal or pelvic pain
T = trouble with urination (urgency or frequency)
"Women who have these symptoms 12 days in a calendar month should see their doctor. And when they see their doctor they should be prepared to push for adequate testing because such symptoms can be hard to work with. Or, like me, you might have none of them and the cancer has already metastasized to the lungs. Early detection is hard. Prevention is hard. We just don’t have enough tools yet. "

I also found the terrific Susan Gubar  -a feminist literary academic who wrote a memoir about her ovarian cancer treatment.
I'll leave you with this is a quote from Susan Gubar.

"Ovarian-cancer treatment has not changed much from the nineteen-seventies. Much more money must be poured into research; the F.D.A. has not approved a new drug for ovarian cancer in the past twenty years. Of course, women need to heed early warning signs—a feeling of satiety, indigestion, bloating, urinary problems, constipation—but these often are so subtle or so ordinary that they can be easily ignored. The CA-125 blood test only works for some women, not for many others. Because ovarian cancer is often only detected in its later stages, it becomes a death sentence.
What is needed is a detection tool. Women whose ovarian cancer is found in an early stage can be cured. But they are in a small minority of those diagnosed."


Donate to frocktober if you can! AN EARLY DETECTION TEST IS THE KEY! Remember there are still craft packs, a Mexican pack and a gorgeous Betty Jo Design brooch that you can "buy" with your donation. Just leave a message on facebook, blog, twitter or the frocktober donation page!

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