Sunday, October 26, 2014

Frocktober Day 26 In The Mood For Love

I'm wearing my "In The Mood For Love" dress. It's a film that swept me away when I saw it in 2000. It sank me deep into emotion, washed me along with sumptuous visuals and buoyed me up with a rich soundtrack.

The ever graceful and divine Maggie Cheong wears various cheongsams throughout the movie, but they are in western mid century prints. The combination was breath taking.

When I spied this frock at the recent Retro Star warehouse sale, half hidden in a pile of discarded garments in a dark corner of a make shift change room, well I crushed it to my chest like a long lost friend.

I'll never quite have the poise, grace, figure (or lovely long supple neck!) of Maggie Cheong, but I'll swan about in my green fifties rose print cheongsam with Nat King Cole's "Quizás, quizás, quizás" in my head.

I was asked a billion times where I was going! To the races? Nope - only to the supermarket, the doctors, a garage sale and a school fete. But I told EVERYONE about frocktober. You all know about it right? It's day 26 for goodness sake - but I'll keep saying it - DONATE HERE! All funds go direction to ovarian cancer research - a more than worthy cause. It's a killer disease and we could save lives with an early detection test. Thanks to my sister outlaw Leanne who donated! 

And as we have already done movie frocks, what are your favourite songs about dresses? She wore Blue Velvet?  Devil with a blue dress on?Can you think of any others????


  1. My friend did a frock-themed radio show for Frocktober last year. You can read his song choices here: My pick is "I like you in velvet" by Malcolm McLaren.

    1. That's ace! Wedding Present "favourite dress" pulls at my teenage heartstrings!

  2. I loved this film. Just wish I could rock one of these divoon frocks like you can! ARgh! XXX