Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Frocktober Day 28 "love is a battlefield"

Well I'm dragging out the big frocks from the top of the wardrobe this week - 

 This little number used to be blue like this one frock this town posted the other day -

 but I spray painted it copper around 10 years ago. Now the copper has worn off it has a kind of post apocalyptic '80's Pat Benetar vibe which I am not adverse to at all.

Me and spray painting frocks goes back to my teens when I spray painted a friend's mum's wedding dress black, cut it up and wore it to the school formal. With electric blue hair. And leopard print tights...

But I'm so much classier all these years later *cough cough* in my frock and suede boots! Yikes! look how far I've come....hmmm...

I've spray painted a few frocks in my time. You need to do it well in advance of wearing it though because the fumes can make you keel over. It's a bit anti social.

Now no pressure but there are only FOUR DAYS LEFT!!!!! Do I need to say it all again? Donate HERE if you can. It's a frockin' good cause because ovarian cancer is a silent killer that needs research funding. Donate for all your sisters, aunts, nieces, daughters, mothers and girlfriends! Let's work out a way to detect this early and save women's lives. 


  1. Great 80's frock, great 80's song!
    (one of the better mainstream hits of '83)
    I know you're hanging out for Nov Julianne, but I am really going to miss your Frocktober posts. A lot :(
    Posted frocks today.
    Frock on!

  2. i've never thought of spray painting dresses but i really want to right now! you look great.

  3. Post apocalypitc Pat Benetar look?! I'm ALL OVER it!!! What a grand idea, spray painting the hell out of it!
    Ooo, I popped a link on my blog Facebook page, incidentally, to my guest post, just so you know!
    I love seeing your gorgeous face and frockage everyday, darl! XXXXXX

    1. Thanks for spreading the word Helga. Everyone thought your guest frocking was magnificent!