Saturday, October 25, 2014

Frocktober Day 25 Summer Holiday

There once was a frockster who was feeling frock fatigued. She dreamed of a Summer holiday to Spain. She had the bag,* the frock,** the dream and a hat with her name on it.*** Spain was too far. She had to pick up the kids. The best she could do was the Spanish-like hacienda across the road. 

But one thing was missing. A travel friend. She looked right...she looked left.

 And then she spied the perfect companion.....

Who better than her daughter Hazel frocked up in beach carnival style. They left "Spain" and went and got the kids.

*The bag has island holiday images all over it (Though not sure about the Great Britain!) I bought it at the trash and treasure.

**The frock made a guest appearance last frocktober. It's French and the label is Jeanne D'Arc - yeah don't stand too close to the fire! Note the ironing instructions!
***The hat really does have my name on it! Had to buy it when I saw that - a few years ago from Vinnies.

Frocktober has a story too.
'In 2007, a group friends in Geelong discovered that there was no early detection test for ovarian cancer, and decided to do something about it. Quite a feat! So, we donned our favourite dresses, went out to the pub, passed around a hat and raised $200. Frocktober was born! Then we thought, "This is way too much fun to keep to ourselves... Let's challenge the rest of Australia to get involved too!"
Seven years later, the initiative has captured the hearts and imaginations of frock-minded people Australia-wide, and raised over $800,000 for ovarian cancer research.'

How ace is that??

Let's keep telling our stories, talking, raising money and raising awareness about ovarian cancer and the need for early detection. Donate here
Shout out thanks to Jen and Leanne who have donated!!! 


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    p.s. will post frocks - yes that's plural :) on Mon x