Monday, September 1, 2014


Lovely Josha, a friend of the twins, is having a birthday. He is a truly remarkable kid with strong ethics and sense of justice. He is in nature club at school and loves crafting as well. A boy after my own heart - in fact he won my heart ages ago! He's a gem.

He hates things made cheaply in Asia and loves hand made so this is what the girls and I made him for his birthday.

This is a heat bag with removable cow cover. The cow is based on a combination of drawings the twins did - it was quite hard with all the wonkiness! The heat bag I made from some lovely liberty print cotton and filled it with pearl barley. The cover from scraps of corduroy and recycled jumper felt.

Because Josha loves nature we also made him a terrarium.

It has a little trophy in it because we all think Josha is the best!

Here is Josha earlier in the year getting crafty at the fete.


  1. Ace presents Julianne.
    One of my friend's and her kids made my biggest girl a home-made set of Snap cards for her birthday one year - we're talking at least 15 years ago now - they are among her most treasured possessions.

    1. And well they should be treasured! Home made Snap cards are a great idea! We had fun making Josha's presents. Sometimes I give home made gifts at birthday parties and feel a bit guilty! But not in this case because Josha appreciates them.