Thursday, September 4, 2014

looking like a 70's couch

I love this dress. Even though it makes me feel like I'm wearing a 70's couch cover. It's vintage Welsh woven wool designed by David Bond for the Craft Centre of Wales. It's worthy of a crafting 70's lady from The Golden Hands Encyclopedia Of Crafts.
I don't know anything about David Bond and can't find anything....

I've had it for years but haven't worn it that much....on account of it making you feel like an arm chair....but couldn't resist teaming it with my orange hair!

What do you think? Hilarious, huh? I wore it to a crafty get together. It was a relief no one mistook me for a piece of furniture and sat on me. Not even the dog. It all made me want to make tuna casserole for tea and do some macrame!


  1. Luff it! You could NEVER be mistaken for a piece of furniture! Ever!
    ( with gorgeous you as my role model I might wear my picnic blanket cape yet ;) )
    I love the shape, pockets, yoke neckline(?) and sleeves!

    p.s. thought of doing Frocktober this year???

    1. I thought of you Kylie when I dragged it from the wardrobe. I also thought of your daughter and what she'd say!!! It is lovely - pure wool and all. Great with clogs - it's a lovely shape - I should cut a pattern and whip 'em up out of picnic blankets!! Hee hee.
      p.s. Yes I think I will do frocktober! Lord knows I have the frocks!

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  3. You look lovely in that dress. I love the orange hair. You look so great in everything and every hair color!

  4. Lol - I'm glad no one tried to sit on you! That made me laugh.
    You look fabulous in your couch-esque, winter dress. And your hair is wicked - I love it!

  5. I really like this dress and I did not even think for a moment that it looks like a couch!