Sunday, August 31, 2014


It's been a week of endings. I've finished knitting this child's vest - my first attempt at circular needles.

I finished the book I was reading....

I finished two stories I was writing for a competition deadline (which seemed like a herculean effort in a week with book week dress up, kids playing tag team with gastro and other such committments)...

The footy rounds finish - with the Mighty Richmond Tigers winning a place in the finals!!! - (I listened on the radio with my head in my hands I was so nervous)....

And finally, finally...Winter finishes. 

 I'm not really a knitter. The frippery of crochet suits my flibberty-gibberty ways more. But circular needle knitting is ace! No seams! I got the free pattern here from "Pickles"  (Terrific site for free patterns.)

It's for size 5-6 and I used patons wool jet 12 ply. It was super easy for a novice like me.

It's for a friends little girl who spied the wool the other day and loved the colours. (I also tell myself that if I use up all my wool stash I can justify buying more!)

Now. What to make next?

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  1. Love you even more now that I know you're a fellow Tiges fan! x