Friday, April 4, 2014

Enviro Stall Wonders!!!

Under the guidance of Kasia (pictured below) the Enviro Stall at our school fete went gangbusters. Kasia is the most avid recycler I have met - and also one of the most creative and innovative thinkers I have come across. In fact I suspect she is a genius.

You can see some of the recycled t-shirt bags hanging up in the photo - quick simple and very handy. Behind Kasia is the craft table we had set up for the day where parents and kids could come and play with plastic rings, recycled jumper felt, wool, bottle tops, old cds and all manner of fun stuff.

 (photo from make it a wonderful life blog)

We sold kits ro make your own recycled cd tree decorations for scaring off birds. A great tutorial here on Make it a Wonderful Life.
Kasia wrapped wool around plastic lid bits while I didn't have the patience and crocheted around mine.

The day was HUGE and really busy - too busy for snapping photos. But let me tell you - there were bottle top snakes, melted record bowls, tetra pack wallets  show bagswater saving shower roses, re-sew-cool kits, sushi fish earrings, beeswax candles and all in all too much fun and excitement.
It was a glorious Autumn day in Melbourne  and the fete raised squillions of dollars for educating the youngsters. Hooray!

And if you are as keen on recycled environment craftiness then check out mine and Kasia's pinterest page for the Enviro Stall NEXT YEAR...we can't wait!

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