Friday, March 28, 2014

School Fete Enviro Stall!

With the Autumn sunshine predicted for Melbourne tomorrow, the Merri Creek Primary School fete is looking like it will be a ripper! And it needs to be. The funds we raise at our school fete are really important. For a start, it means that the school can afford to keep and maintain our wonderful elm trees. And then there's all the other stuff like educating the youngsters...

I've had a great month getting involved with the environment stall. In fact I've been so busy plarning* and pom pomming and plastic-creating that I've had no time to be here, in blogland. Who would have thought that plarning, pom pomming and plastic-creating would be so labour intensive? (Oh, I must admit I have had time for tennis. And goodreads. Please don't be jealous bloggies! I promise you are my first and only true love.)Hello blogland! 

When I catch my breath after tomorrow, I'll post more about what we've been making. The Enviro Stall coordinator, Kasia, has been - please excuse the daytime-tv-gushiness - an inspiration with her innovative approach to recycling!Stay tuned....

*plarning is turning plastic bags into yarn for crocheting/knitting etc.


  1. I've been wondering where you've been! Now I see you've been busy fete-ing.
    I love your placcy bag pom-poms.
    Good luck tomorrow, I hope you make millions and trillions of dollars ;)
    Fond memories of walking our dogs at Merri Creek when we lived in E. Brunswick x

    1. Yes sorry Kylie I have been AWOL! This plastic recycling stuff has been enormous fun and I've wanted to show you all but haven't had the energy or time (if only I could give up housework!) . The fete went "off"! All the stuff I made sold and it was a wonderful sunny day (unlike in Perth!). Now I can't wait for next year.

  2. Julianne those plarned pom poms look fantastic. The silvery grey ones look great among the more colourful ones. Fantastic idea.
    Lucky fete goers to have those plus all of those other beautiful things you've been making recently -- including all of those peasant tops and dresses. (That is the BEST super fast pattern!)
    Lovely to see you and Lil Joe the other day!!!

  3. Gawd, I am a sucker for any kind of garland!!!
    O, darling, I do wonder if our paths crossed back in London!!! I would have been gasping over your amazingness and wanting to be friends, o YES! EEEK!
    O, well, we've connected in a weird way waaaaay after the fcct! Hurrah!