Monday, April 7, 2014

illustrated by wayne

On Saturday I needed to get a Wedding card....and yes, everyone had told me to make one but I hadn't got around to it, okay??? In a desperate-last-minute-wedding-outfit-and-card-buying-dash, I ventured to the city. Outfit issues were quickly sorted(i.e.girdles on sale) but as for the card...whoa! They were hideous!!! Then walking through the Bourke Street Mall, I saw Wayne with his cards laid out neatly on the ground. 
Wayne was hunched up on his haunches and doing his best to hide under his hoodie. I was stopped in my tracks by the artwork and so relieved to see him there. I pretty much gushed all of that and more. He lifted his head up and smiled when I told him how much  I loved his cards and how much more interesting and lovely they were than anything in the shops. 
He told me how his mum used to have a peacock in the back yard and he based his painting on the memory of that bird. And I told him how superstitious my granny had been about peacocks - how once my Mum made her a table cloth with a peacock on it and when Granny and Grandpa later had a fight with the table cloth present on the table, Granny blamed the peacock and threw the tablecloth into the wood stove and destroyed it! (Yes - I am descended from a very strange gene pool...)
This tree through the seasons  was the perfect image to celebrate a marriage, don't you think?
Wayne's cards are 4 for $10  and I stocked up. Wayne was working on an intricate painting as he sold his cards and I look forward to seeing it in print. Best of all, my loud lauding of his skills seemed to draw more customers his way.
If you see him in the Bourke Street Mall have a look and support a lovely artist.



  1. Beautiful cards Wayne makes. Lucky you to find them and for such a good price. Enjoy yourself at the wedding!

  2. Gorgeous. Four seasons card is perfect for a wedding. Marriage sure ain't evergreen!