Monday, October 21, 2013

new and improved sugar skull bag-tag kit!

Are you like me?  Do you have a tendency to over complicate your life? (have I mentioned the five kids???)Now that I am a few years into this designing-eco-craft-kits lark, I have realised that some of the old kits are unnecessarily over complicated. What was I thinking? Well I think it was a lack of confidence in the product and that I was perhaps trying to over compensate. In any case I'm older and wiser (and more confident. Yay!)and so I'm re-vamping some of the more fiddly kits.
And the sugar skull bag-tag is getting a special re-vamp in readiness for some muchos Mexicana mayhem which is coming soon to the hood of Brunswick. Will tell you more later....

New and improved skully bag-tag kit is still bursting with colour, recycled trims and lots of decorative floral fun but is now a simpler shape, smaller and only single layered (but still double sided.)

So if your life is overcomplicated then I hope you can find a way to simplify something today too!

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