Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fundraising for Ovarian Cancer Research - Kylie you (f)rock!

Our blogging buddy Kylie over at lucy violet vintage has been frocking up each day to raise money for ovarian cancer research. Yeah yeah, you sigh, more fundraising, eyes glaze over....But wait! Listen!
Every 10 hours in Australia a woman will die from ovarian cancer. It is an indiscriminate and insidious cancer that could affect any one of us. It could be your sister, your friend, a mum at school, a blogger you follow or you. There are very few ways to detect the cancer - which is why it is such a dangerous disease. Help raise money for research into how to detect this cancer early and save lives. THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT FUNDED RESEARCH INTO THIS CANCER. This is a women's cancer, a women's issue and it's up to us to get the research happening.  You can donate to Kylie's Frocktober campaign here....But be sure to check out her blog too - some days she sells the frock off her back!


  1. Thank you Julianne.
    It is lovely of you to do this - I really appreciate it.
    (don't forget those pics of you)
    Kylie x

  2. How can Kylie look good in every single dress she wears?!
    It's a great cause and hats off to Kylie for her effort.

  3. Wow. Well, you know I have a vested interest. Maybe I should get blogging? Maybe I could post my ovarian cancer frock rock video?

  4. Hello Julianne, just popping over from Kylie's to say hi, love your pics for Frocktober, you look amazing, and I am sending my very best wishes to your friend Melita. xxxx