Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More like Blogtoberfast than Blogtoberfest!

This time last year I was participating in Blogtoberfest and was posting every day for the month of October. (It's harder than it sounds). This year is more like a Blogtoberfast. I've kind of lost the blogging zing and have only posted twice for the month. BUT! That doesn't mean I haven't been making. So I'd thought I'd do a few catch up posts to show you all what I've been making.

I think it's now official. I'm addicted to crochet. There were a few days last month where I didn't have a project on the go and I felt like my neural pathways were going to shrivel up and a general malaise came over me. Withdrawal. Hmmm. This perhaps seems like a harmless addiction - except that the family will eventually be decked out in head to toe crochet garments. But no one has ever died from a crochet craft crime, have they? Fashion victims?

So everyone who is reading this - if you ever see me posting that I think it's a wonderful idea to crochet some pants or a tie or (god forbid) an all in one jumpsuit (I have the patterns!) - then please comment and tell me to stop. Immediately. Because I have noticed that with the building flow of a crochet addiction ebbs away all taste and style!!

So here are the first installment of what I've been making: 

These short sleeve crochet jumpers were in a vintage 1980's pattern book. What I love about them is that they combine a crochet base garment with knitted bands, cuffs and collars. I was lucky enough to have a willing collaborator - my quick-knitting-ever-smiling-forever-helpful-Mother-in-law, Clare. She finished these off - even sewing them up and sewing in the ends. She's the best!

They green one is in Patons Bluebell and the magenta one is in Heirloom super wash 5 ply. 


  1. Woo hoo! Please let the crochet addiction continue! I love these tops! I have the pattern book that they're from, and I LOVE it! What's going to be next??? :-)
    Also, I must confess, I have crocheted a pair of shortie overalls, using rainbow coloured granny squares for myself (not even for a kid!! LOL) I originally made them to wear to a fancy dress party where the theme was "Fashion Faux Pas"... um, but I have worn them to several other parties as well... Super comfy :-) The crochet obsession is a slippery slope!
    Have you ever considered crocheting a dress? I have SO many fabulous vintage crochet patterns for dresses!

  2. Yes! I have considered a dress -in fact I have chosen the one - hilariously entitiled "femme fatale"! Can you imagine a femme fatale in a crochet frock? Just saving up for the wool...and still thinking about the colour. Love the sound of the overalls. My twins had granny square overalls - there was something pretty hilarious about matching toddlers in matching crochet!!!

  3. I have a pair of brown and white crocheted overalls that my mum wore in the 60's/70's. Love the crocheted tops. Adorable. As is your daughter. How wonderful to have someone stitch together and tie your ends in!

  4. I wish I had a Mum like you to make me gorgeous crocheted tops. When I was little I had some really cute little crocheted frocks. A red one and a pink one stand out in my memory (got the pics somewhere), I also had a crocheted bikini.
    I know what you mean about blogging every day (ha-ha!)
    Your little girls are gorgeous x

    p.s. now I know how to spell crocheted! (I hope!)

    1. I don't recommend you rely on my spelling or grammar Kylie. I'll crochet you a top or dress if you want!

    2. I would love you to make me a little crocheted number. One day when you've got time.
      I can't believe the crocheted holy communion dress in that link you sent me!
      Can you send me your address so that I can pop that yellow petticoat in the post please.

  5. Yes I bought the patterns for the holy communion dresses too!