Monday, August 26, 2013

Mexican Monday - My Mexican Donkey

You know, I do have a few Mexican souvenirs  - which is funny considering I've never been to Mexico. When I had finished High School I wanted to go. I went to London with a friend but bought a ticket home via LA in the hope I would go "South of the border down Mexico way" but London drained all the money from my pocket and adventure from my spirit and I just came home. I have never been in a position to travel since then. Youth is wasted on the young. But life is long.

I found this donkey in an op shop. He's quite big - about 2 ft tall - only has one eye and is a bit worse for wear in the tassel and blanket department. I've thought of  renovating him with fresh haberdashery and accessories. What do you think? Should I leave him be?
 He's a winky, wonky Mexican donkey!


  1. I say leave him be. I like his faded blanket and tatty tassels. There's nothing wrong with winky and wonky, as long as he's not a winky, wonky, ponky donkey!

    1. Good, I think that's the right way to go too. Keeping him in his original tatty glory - and fortunately there is no ponky-ness!