Thursday, August 22, 2013

Finished my first crochet dress

I really love crochet. I made this dress from this pattern. I used Patons bluebell 5 ply in charcoal grey. To make the dress smaller (size 6)I used a size 2 hook. The dress is made all in one piece which means no sewing up! Yay!

I put ribbon in the sleeves to make them I just want to make more dresses.


  1. Gorgeous little dress (and gorgeous little model too!).

  2. Oh I love this dress. I remember my twin sister and I having a blue and pink crocheted dresses and we loved them. My twin sisters was pink and mine was blue. I love the idea that there is no sewing up .... it's always a pain when, after all the knitting you have to do the whole sewing up thing.