Wednesday, August 28, 2013

recycled jumper dress

This cardigan was damaged and I could only salvage parts of it. The fair isle design of little girls, houses, crowns and "home sweet home" was so gorgeous I wanted to make something for my little girls from it.
I decided to make this pinafore/dress. 

When sewing jumpers I find it better to do a straight stitch and then neaten and seal the seams with a zig-zag stitch. Overlocking tends to put the pieces out of shape. Pressing and steaming is also important.

I used bands from a navy jumper for binding the neck and sleeves. I literally used it like a bias binding, machine stitching it on one side then finishing on the good side with hand stitching. 

I had to "make do" a bit on the back panel because of the damage to the original jumper so it has three panels.
The pocket is made from the sleeve band. Wanda looks very cute in it and fortunately she managed to stay still long enough for me to photograph her....not that she was happy about it!

I have just started a recycled jumper/sweater pinterest board  - so far mostly sister outlaws things but I hope to add more recycling inspiration there.

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  1. This is absolutely is your little model. Clever revamp . I am off to check out your pinterest board.