Sunday, July 7, 2013

Winter Artisan Markets

Ah...The fickle nature of markets.

The past three weeks I have had a market stall. Same place. (The Northcote Town hall). Same time. (Saturday 10am - 4pm) Same stuff (Recycled woollen accessories, craft kits and crocheted know the sort of thing!) 

So you think there would be some consistency over the weeks as to what sells, right? 


And that’s why I love markets. Even though we repeat the event each week, each week throws up surprises. One week it’s the re-sew-cool kits selling like hotcakes....

- the next week it’s all the recycled cable jumper scarves 

– and the next week the beads have their moment in the sun.... 

 And next week? Who knows!

One thing is consistent – I have a great time meeting people. I’ve come across old friends, old neighbours and many new faces. I love chatting – talking with people about how I make my rope scarves, encouraging them to crochet, recycle and make. 

Little girls look at my fairy floss beehive hair in wonder. Older ladies give me tips on my knitting and crochet – yesterday a lady told me how to use jelly crystals to dye wool!(Yes! I will be trying that!) Dorian, a toddler hanging out with his mum at another stall, peppered my day with lovely soft cuddles. Yesterday as I sold something – I would go and buy something from one of the other stalls…thanks Grandma Chuckles! These are the most wonderful toys!


I'm not there to make money (Goodness knows I have been known to give the stuff away!) but for the great day out and the people.

So thank you to all who have visited my stall, complimented the work, shared the craft ideas and brightened my day like the winter sunshine streaming through the amazing town hall doors. One more Saturday to go - Northcote Town Hall 10am -4 pm. 
Come and say "hello!"


  1. I'd love to be there to come by and say "hello. That market sounds like such fun and you have such beautiful things on display.

  2. I'll be back this saturday...last time i was sooooo happy just to see you i didn't check out your stuff X mary

  3. We have the same philosophy at markets. Not there to make money just to hang out, catch up with interesting peeps and do some awesome shopping :) love it. Is the last one tomorrow or have i missed it ?