Monday, July 1, 2013

fingerless mittens?

Fingerless mittens....well it's a funny phrase isn't it? Because, technically,all mittens are fingerless - and with these ones  you can see fingers!Confused? Hmmm. Let's call them hand warmers!!!!

I've been making them by the dozen. Literally. I've adapted a few patterns to come up with this quick easy pattern.

Hand warmers pattern

50 g 8 ply wool Size 4.5 mm (7) hook

SMALL: Chain 30 and join with slip stitch. (MEDIUM chain 33, LARGE chain 36)

Row 1: Ch 2 (for first half treble) 1 half treble in each chain around the ring. Join to the chain half treble with a slip stitch.

Row2: sl st into half treble space. Ch 3 (for first mock treble) then tr into same space, ch 1 then 2 tr into same space. 1 shell made. Skip 2 ch, tr into next ch, skip 2 ch and shell (2 tr 1 ch 2 tr) into next ch. Continue in this pattern to the end. (5 shells) (MEDIUM AND LARGE FIT 6 SHELLS AROUND – doesn’t matter if you squeeze it in at the end)
Sl st into the 3rd ch of 1st mock tr

Row 3: Sl st into ch sp in shell. Ch3 (for first mock tr), 1 tr into same space, 1 ch and 2 tr into same space (a shell made)1 tr into top of 1 tr from the prev row. Continue around.

NOTE: if you want a longer cuff, insert more rows here before the increase.

Row 4: Increase row. Sl st in ch sp of shell. Ch 3 (1st mock tr) 5 tr into same space.1 tr into the top of previous row single tr, then shell (2 treble, 1 chain, 2 treble) into shell ch sp. Cont. pattern around the row. Join with slip stitch in 3rd ch of 1st mock tr

Row 5: Sl st in space between 2nd and 3rd tr. Ch 3 (mock tr), 1 tr 1 ch 2 tr  into same sp (1 shell made) ch 1 skip 2 treble then shell (2 tr 1 ch 2 tr) into space between 4th and 5th tr from increase. 1 tr into single tr from previous row, shell into space between shell from previous row. Continue pattern around. Join with a slip stitch into 3rd ch of 1st mock tr.

Row 6: sl st into shell sp. Ch 3 (to be 1st tr) 1 tr into same space, 1 ch 2 tr into same space (shell made. ) I tr into space between the 2 shells from previous row. Continue pattern around.

Continue in this pattern for at least 3 rows. If you want a longer thumb piece then do 4 or 5 rows.

Row 9: *Create the thumb: Ch 3. Skip 2 shells and join to the next single tr creating a space for the thumb. Ch 3 ( mock tr in the next row) and continue around, shell into the shell space from previous row (2 tr 1 ch 2 tr) until you get to the edge of the thumb space,ending with 1 tr. 
Skip one ch of the thumb divide, 1 shell in next ch, skip one ch and  join with a sl st in the 3rd chain of the first mock treble.

Row 10: Ch 3 (for 1st tr) Shell into the next shell space and continue around until the edge of thumb space, ending with the 1 treble.  Skip 1 treble, 2 treble in the next treble space, 2 tr in the next tr space, join with a slip stitch to the 3rd ch of the first mock tr.
You can finish off here for a short mitten or continue for a few more rows for a longer mitten.

You can finish off here for a short mitten or continue for a few more rows for a longer mitten.

Happy making! I will have this pattern as a hand out at my market stall next Saturday at the Winter Artisan Market at Northcote Town Hall, 10 am - 4 pm or you can buy a pair I have made for $20!


  1. Well, look at you! Beautiful colors for your hand warmers and a free pattern too. If it wasn't so darn hot here, I'd actually get started on a pair. Good luck at market!

    1. It's actually a pretty warm winter so far this year Irene. We even saw a tiger snake the other day and he should have been asleep!

  2. Love the hair love the fingerless mittens/hand warmers! Was lovely to see your beautiful face at Northcote Market the other day...and yesterday as I happened by "Gleaners" in Brunswick there were your wares on display. Universe is tapping me on shoulder...want more Jules in my life

    1. lovely to see you too. You know, your special combination of wit, wisdom, intellect, humour and endorphins certainly got me through some hard times! Think I definitely need more Mary in my life!