Saturday, July 27, 2013

Taking part in "Take Heart"

The wonderful Liz Jones aka Miss Betty Jo is again playing hostess with the mostess in the gallery space at Gleaners Inc. As part of the Craft Victoria Craft Cubed events, Liz put out the call for submissions. This year's theme - "Take Heart".
I got thinking about all the phrases and idioms (yes I'm more wordy than visual, huh?) - you can win a heart, lose a heart, be half hearted or whole hearted, have a cold heart or a warm heart.

But let's get to the heart of it - Do you have a heart of gold? A heart of stone? A bleeding heart? Do you cry your heart out when your heart isn't in it? Is your heart in your boots or your mouth? And most importantly... Do you have cockles???

And let's not start on the songs, "Cheatin'Heart", "Cold cold heart", "Anyone who had a heart", "Heartbreak Hotel", "Wooden Heart", "Heartaches and Hangovers", "If my Heart had Windows"...the list is endless...

These three pieces are a play on words. Made with hand dyed felt rope on cable knit. 

Framed in hearts I cut out myself from a sheet of mdf. Each measures 30cm x 30 cm
What's your favourite heart saying? And your favourite heart song?


  1. The hearts are lovely and your post today is definitely "heart-warming :)"

  2. Good one Irene! I heartily appreciate your comment!

  3. Your interpretation of the theme has gone right to the heart of the matter. Nice work Ms Outlaw.
    Oh, and I can I name a heart film rather than a song? Kind Hearts and Coronets starring Alec Guinness - I still chuckle to think of it now.

    1. That's a great film Mr Morden. Your dad looks a bit like Alec Guinness.