Saturday, January 26, 2013

free bag-tag pattern for back to school crafting

Now you would think that all the backpacks in this house would be adorned with hand made recycled felt bag-tags from our re-sew-cool range, wouldn't you? Well, ahem...cough....not exactly.

In fact, My kids wanted to design their own bag-tag (my designs not being quite good enough...)

Wanda has a cowgirl boot. Pepper wants a unicorn (I'm in the process of making it)and the little fella, Joe, wanted a dog that looked like his favourite toy dog, "Booey".

So I have made him this dog. It's not my usual style but I like him. And Joe really likes him!

Here's the template if you want to make a dog bag-tag too. For the swivel clasp you can recycle a lanyard.

He is simple to make:

1.decorate the face with a fringe, nose, mouth stitching and eyes. I used white shank buttons for eyes and a black permanent marker. on swivel clasp to back of face. The fringe hides the stitches.

3.Sew head together, front and back, remembering to put the tongue in place.

4. Sew ears on around the front and back of head. Or simply both sides of the ears together and attach to the front of the head.

And remember - if you prefer one of our re-sew-cool bag-tag designs, enter our back to school giveaway!

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