Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A back to school giveaway of my own!

Well, that Jodi from che and fidel sure had a good idea with her back to school give away - she's right! The re-sew-cool bag-tags are the perfect accessory for the school backpack.

So the outlaws are having our very own.... 


Here is how to win one of our bag-tag craft kits. First: choose your favourite design.  It's not easy is it? 

1. apple    2. peacock    3.donkey   
4. owl      5. mr. fox    6. lovebird
7. echidna  8. fruit tree 9.toadstool
Next: Leave a comment below OR a comment on our facebook page telling us which bag-tag kit you would like!

Remember - all our kits are made from 99% recycled materials.
The give away ends on Monday the 28th! 


  1. I'm torn between the apple and the donkey. If I'm lucky enough to win, you choose. It'll be a lovely surprise (I think it's the tail on the donkey I'm loving)

  2. I <3 the echidna! It's his nose! So cute!

  3. The animals and birds are my faves. Cutest spines ever on the little echidna, love those colourful birds and the foxy Fox, but the little burro is taking me back to Mexico so, out of gratitude, I guess I would choose him. They're lovely!!

  4. So very creative and what a great giveaway. I just love Mr Fox. Shaz x

  5. Theseare so cute, I love them, I especially loave the toadstool. I have been teaching my daughter to sew, it would be fun to do this together...

  6. Nice key chains you made. From JLA The Tub. 2016.