Tuesday, January 29, 2013

that back to school feeling...and winner of the back to school giveaway

Do you remember that stomach butterfly feeling that accompanied the discovery of back to school catalogues in the letter box? That low level grumble of anxiety that arose when you saw the photos of new school shoes and pencil cases at discount prices? That realisation dawning on you –that the seemingly endless summer was ending? 

It came in stages.

1. The jolt: Oh yes! School! That’s right! I forgot about that place!

2. Denial: Oh school  - going back there is ages away….isn’t it?

3. The awakening: Summer fun has to end?

4. The anxiety: Have I forgotten all I learned? (I especially would worry I had forgotten how to write - as if a summer of swimming in the pool could somehow flush out all knowledge obtained at school all the years before.)

5. The disappointment: Summer fun really IS coming to an end!

6. The anticipation: polishing your school shoes, trying on the dress, covering your books.

And now? Well in our house this year we have many permutations of “back to school syndrome” happening. My eldest has decided not to return to the tertiary study she began last year. She’s taking some time off to pursue movie directing. And having the shock to the system of NOT going back to school….and of needing to find a job! 

My second eldest is returning to do Year 12 (at a new school) after a year that can truly be described as a “gap” year - or more like a gaping hole because she truly did nothing! But she is excited about school, reading her literature books and abuzz with anticipation.

The little twins will be starting Prep so are very excited about school. They are determinedly practicing writing and reading and trying very hard to be as independent as they can. Keen as mustard! And I must say, it’s exciting for me and a big relief.

And the youngest little fella? Well last week was his first day of 3 year old kindergarten. The previous night was restless as he kept waking and chatting about it. The day before there was a last minute panic  - what you do when you need the toilet at kinder? Does he have to run home to use the toilet? And finally, he was………completely fine!

So I hope all your back to school feelings are plans are going well. And the winner of the back to school bag-tag giveaway is....Kim Maxwell with the toadstool. Email me at info@sisteroutlaws.com.au with your address Kim!

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