Friday, December 14, 2012

my creative space- eco ornaments for market

 This week I have been a making machine. After last week at the Kris Kringle market where all the recycled jumper ornaments sold out, I thought I should make some more....and then went a bit overboard. And in the fickle world of market stalls, who knows if they will sell? Here's a selection...
Recycled jumper birds and hearts.....I made heaps of these!
Recycled jumper felt with machine stitching....but now I've run out of red thread....maybe some red with white stitching next?
Only one lucky reindeer....he was a bit fiddly....
And some Mexicana style....
I should note that I have made all of these from thrifted or recycled everything.

In the fickle world of markets, this week I may not sell any. But I'll happily deck my tree out with these Mexican ones.

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  1. Wow, that is very thrifty and creative! I especially love the reindeer and mexicana style ornaments! I think it was a fabulous idea to make those ornaments out of recycled jumpers! Liz

  2. Such cute ideas you continue to come up with. You're so creative.

  3. Your Christmas ornaments are lovely. I especially like the Mexican ones. I know what you mean about the fickle world of craft fairs. I find the best way is to go with very low expectations, and then hopefully you can only be pleasantly surprised.