Wednesday, December 12, 2012

tassel garland how to

A factory around the corner was throwing away rolls of interfacing - we rescued them from the skip and have used it over the years for pattern making and other things. I wanted to make more tassels but in the spirit of keeping it eco I didn't want to got out and buy anything new!
Here's how I made the tassels....same technique for paper but you don't need the wire....

A friends Mum got married in the 1950's and had bridesmaids in rainbow pastel frocks. That's what i think of when I look at these. Swishing frocks and sugared almonds.


  1. I think even I could make these!
    They're lovely, gorgeous colours. I love your 50's bridesmaides/sugared almond comparison.
    Thanks for the how to x

  2. I'm always amazed at the fun and easy projects you come up with. I wish you had been around while my children were growing up. What fun we would have had!