Tuesday, October 2, 2012


It goes around...comes around....yet always takes me by surprise.

The change of the seasons is like falling in love. You can feel the gears of the universe cranking. You are wistful.  Your heart swells with the astonishment of how the world has changed and the sadness that it will change again; the slight panic about the precious nature of time underpinning the enjoyment of the moment. You know it has all happened before but it strangely feels like this is the first and only time.

So far Spring means new hair.
Pink hair and I have about a 7 year cycle. 
This year it comes to you courtesy of food colouring.

New shoes...well second hand shoes but new for me! 

and really new new shoes.........which I love almost too much to wear! I feel the change of seasons in my bones and it's feeling good.


  1. Yes spring is perfect for shifting gear - but stop inciting jealously with those shoes!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!!!gorgeous!!!!!!

  2. Love your pink hair! And shoes are awesome! I'm looking forward to reading your posts.:)